Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier (Family Deluxe Edition)

A beloved classic comes to life with this beautiful family deluxe edition of the bestselling books by David J. Ridges. Featuring 30 full-color pieces of fine art and colored text to distinguish between scripture and commentary, this makes a thoughtful and timeless gift for family, friends, and teachers. Full of priceless doctrinal insights, these gorgeous volumes are sure to become treasured family keepsakes.

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The Proclamation on the Family Made Easier: The Word of the Lord on More Than 30 Current Issues

Unlock the mysteries of one of the most priceless revelations from the Lord! This invaluable study guide, written by David J. Ridges, addresses the surprising number of issues covered in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” With an intentionally simple format, this book includes a copy of the Proclamation in each chapter and bold-faced subject matter for the reader to see “at-a-glance.”

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  1. Hello, in The Book of Mormon Made Easier, you talk of a place near the City of Mexico that is a wonder of concrete work from the Book of Mormon times. Can you tell me where that is? My son is leaving on a mission to Mexico City and he’d like to go there.

  2. When are your wonderful books going to be available as an book?

    1. That’s an ebook

      1. Hi Loa.

        Most all of David Ridges’ books are available on ebook right now! Check Amazon or Barnes and Noble for the ebook version.

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